Monday, June 21, 2010

You Cannot Be Serious Review

Every once in a great while a book comes along that you feel may have been written just for you, Elizabeth Lyons' latest, You Cannot Be Serious and 32 other rules that sustain a (mostly) balanced mom, is that book for me. This was confirmed when I began reading rule 4, fly your freak flag high. Sometimes, I think, we need to be reminded that it's ok the smell things a few times before we eat them, or hit the alarm a few times to make sure we set it right and it not be deemed as crazy (see Scott, I'm not crazy, maybe OCD, but not crazy).

The entire book is fabulous and I highly recommend you read it while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea. You will feel like you're simply having a conversation with a girlfriend about your lives, or Bret Michaels. I spent most of my time reading nodding my head in agreement and thinking "at least I'm not the only one that thinks/does this". Sometimes you need that reinforcement to move forward with your day. In a world where moms are eager to compete with each other and insist that their way is right and quite possibly the only way, Elizabeth shows us, in a very witty way, that we all do things our own way, and that's perfect.

While the book is hysterically funny, it is also full of real wisdom and great tips that help you find your balance in the craziness that is mommyhood. The final quote in the book, from Gerard Way, says it all, "Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive". I could not agree more!

If you haven't already picked up a copy of this book, you really need to. If you do have it, you need to keep it handy for moments when you need a pick me up.

For a list of all the places you can purchase You Cannot Be Serious, check out Elizabeth's website. Thank you again Elizabeth for an amazing read, a mutual love of Bret Michaels and for letting me know it's ok to label myself as a hostage negotiator.