Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet chocolaty buttery goodness...

I'm not the kind of person that craves chocolate, I really don't, I tend to like saltier treats and Scott is the one with the sweet tooth. So one night while I was *ahem* working I found and noticed that they have a program where you can blog for chocolate. Sold! I figured Scott could eat the goodies and write about it, giving me a night off.

I had my chocolaty goodness within three days. I kid you not the doorbell sounded extra cheerful when the UPS man came! Scott and I practically ran each other down trying to get to the package first. Guess who won? That's right, me! The scene that followed was very similar to Christmas when you were like 4 years old. Paper flew from the box and I was ripping at the bubble wrap that surround the goods. There it was....*cue the choirs of Angels*

Hello lover...

It's like they knew exactly what kind of chocolate I will eat! I received the Edinburgh cookie from Elsylee Galetes Artesanals, which is a chocolate shortbread. I *heart* shortbread and was excited to get to try this product. After dinner Scott and I broke open the package. After the first buttery delicious bite I debated whether or not to shove them all in my mouth at once so Scott couldn't have anymore, isn't that horrible?!

But in all seriousness these are some of the best cookies I have ever put in my mouth. If they were sold in bulk I would totally buy a truck load and park my happy butt on the couch and eat every single last one. Yeah yeah I would share with Scott too. Click here to check out what other cookies Elsylee Galetes Artesanals offers, and here to see what else is on