Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BrytonPick-Floss in Seconds

I was asked to do a review of the BrytonPick-Floss in Seconds and was actually really excited about it (it's the simple things in life people). BrytonPick sent me a three pack of their product to try. Each BrytonPick lasts for 30 days and is individually stored in their own package, which is nice if you want to take one with you and leave one at home.

I was so excited to start using these, it would save me so much money on floss! But here's where I ran into a problem, my teeth are spaced very....very close together and when I went to use the product it made a noise against my teeth that may as well have been nails on a chalkboard. So my trial was short lived. I can tell you though that the product looks great and I think if you have normal spaced teeth this would work really well for you!

Here is a video demonstration that the kind folks at BrytonPick sent over:

Let me know if you try it and how you like it! You can find the BrytonPick at: Meijer Stores, A&P, Pathmark, Winn Dixie, C&S, Kinney Drugs, Save Mart,, Pearson Dental Supply & Others.

*Product for review was not purchased, and was received through the manufacturer. This did not effect the review*